It was the year 2016, I was 10 years old when I went for first tour without my parents. It was the school educational tour. At the one hand I was Very nervous and scared as I was not enough independent and confident while at the other hand I was very excited about visiting Mumbai.

 Finally the day came, my dad dropped me at the airport, I said my parents a good bye and we all friends sat in the plane with our teacher. Finally the plane departure and we arrived lonavala in a few hours. The weather was nice and I felt so peaceful. At least after reaching their, l was much less panic.


Then we had lunch and left for Mumbai, then we reached the hotel at 5pm, we relaxed, at night we had a dance party.

The next day we visited a wax museum, there were wax statues of many people like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar , Michael Jackson, A. R. Rehman and many others. All the students were enjoying clicking pictures with the statues while all of a sudden by mistake one of the statues bumbled to the floor from a disobedient child who was scolded by the teacher.

Then we went for sight-seeing, we enjoyed taking pics of the monkeys jumping, bouncing and eating bananas but we were not able to have a much nicer view as we forgot to carry binoculars. Then we saw the marine drive through the way, we reached hotel, had a pool party, then we all children played in the garden and soon we went to bed and slept.


 The next morning we went to kidzania, it’s a perfect place for children. There we got to act like adults and earn money. I became a fire fighter, an actress, a RJ, a doctor, a pilot and many Other. I even made dairy milk, chocos, coca cola, ParleG, doughnuts and many other things. I enjoyed a lot with my friends.

Kidzania is a place where Children gets the opportunity to enhance their creative abilities as their  they get to act adult jobs and earn currencies. kidzania had been the best thing and the most enjoyable movements about my trip.

Soon we sat in the flight and arrived back to Jaipur. But I was not able to visit some of the other places those I wanted to and so I want to go Mumbai again but this time with my parents.

The hotel in which we stayed was not up to the mark so when I would be going next time, then I would not prefer that hotel.

The most unacceptable and worst experience about the trip was crossing the Juhu beach, as while the bus was crossing the beach, the windows were opened and so because of the stinking fish’s smell one of the child vomited.


# if someone is going to Mumbai then I suggest them to visit kidzania as it’s a place where children get to enjoy.

#do not leave the window open while crossing any beaches.

#do not forget to carry binoculars for sight seeing.

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