Hey friends it’s me Ojaswanie, I am 11 years old, my this post is about a descriptive writing of what a classroom without a teacher mostly looks like. It uses our sense organs. Hope that you may enjoy reading it, please give comments.


A teacher is not only a person who teaches us various subjects but even maintains the Discipline in a class. A teacher frames our Mind, Our Teachers are our guardians at school and a Teacher is very much necessary for us to learn new things in life. Lets  Imagine what a classroom without a teacher looks like .




The teacher being absent made the entire class turn into a fish market. It had been a great boon for the children, even the class Monitors forgot their duties and had fun. It seemed as if a dam had been broken and a great energy of playfulness had been Gushing out of each child. The whole class was a happy mess. Some of the girls were gossiping and having a gala time while another group of some studious ones was making notes and goggling their eyes in the books as they worried for the exams. By most of the children, the discipline had long since been thrown out of the door. There had been an odd crying where two boys had been fighting. Some boys were making paper planes and playing. A girl was doing mimicry of the teacher and scolding other students.




The furniture was much disarranged as all the tables were scattered at one place as some of the boys had been playing pen fight. The floor was very muddy because of the children’s shoes, a ball had thrashed on the light and the light was soon fused. Some of the charts on the soft board were torn, the camera was on but it doesn’t matter to anyone .There was drawing going on, on the board. Even the teacher’s desk was soon a part of all this horrible mess. The window was open and so the air coming from it was like a wave of fun and joy for everyone.




The classroom was full of various noises, it was a mixture of different noises coming through, the screaming of children as they were shouting hurrraayyyy!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!. The class was full of the girl’s gossips about the parties and events that they have or are going to have. The voice of girls pleading each other for notes. The sound of the choir they were singing about how happy they are for the teacher being absent .The voice of the hands tapping on the table and drumming, it sounded ridiculous. The students were laughing like devil and saying hahahaha!




In short a class without a teacher had been a big mess just like a coin have two sides in the same way such a situation have both, advantages and disadvantages. The class without a teacher was a extremely horrible scene.the advantages are that it will be time to enjoy and play with no teacher to scold you, while the disadvantages are that some of the things will turn very squalid and messy.



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